Due to my self-employment since 1989, I have many years of experience in the server and network environment. Through my international clientele and their very different requirements, I was able to acquire a broad knowledge. I have a quick comprehension, so that I can quickly familiarise myself with new tasks.

Below you will find a list of my recently projects

  • Relief Validation, Bangladesh

Planning and construction of complete server/network infrastructure for a TrustCenter

- Planning and construction of network infrastructure
- Remote connections (IPsec/Wireguard)
- Planning and construction of server infrastructure

  • Government of The People's Republic of Bangladesh, Department of Immigration and Passport

Support worldwide network infrastructure

- Main responsibility for firewalling
- Backup responsible for routing
- Introduction of Dot1.x
- Planning and implementation of new WiFi infrastructure

  • Hydro Extrusion Raeren S.A.

Project management network refresh

- Fixed network design bugs
- Fixed network configuration errors
- Planning of new network infrastructure
- Documentation

  • Carlisle Construction Materials GmbH

Project management network refresh

- On-site analysis of the existing network infrastructure
- Network refresh planning
- Migration of branch offices/subsidiaries
- Documentation

  • DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH + Co.KG.

Project management network refresh

- Planning and implementation of a global network concept
- Connection of the subsidiaries via managed SD-WAN from OpenSystems
- Routing concept and implementation/maintenance
- Multi-level firewall concept using Cisco Firepower
- Global network authentication (Cisco ISE)
- Uniform worldwide VLAN provisioning based on AD groups (Cisco ISE)
- Introduction of network authentication using CISCO ISE (Dot1.x)
- Uniform WLAN (SSIDs) worldwide (Cisco WLC with Cisco ISE)
- Separation of critical networks (production/office...)
- Migration of worldwide branch offices/subsidiaries (Remote/On site)
- Monitoring (monitoring server, network, ...) using PRTG
- Netzwerk Support, Fehleranalyse und Behebung, Erweiterungen